a jerky shop 13675 Highway 16 N
Medina, TX. 78055

(830) 589-2730

a+ jerky shop
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A+ Jerky Shop
Gourmet Goods
13675 Highway 16 N.
Medina, Tx. 78055
Ph: 830-589-2730
Email: sales@ajerkyshop.com
a jerky shop
Welcome to A+ Jerky Shop & Gourmet Goods!
fresh jerky
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Made Fresh Daily! We have the best fresh jerky in Texas a low carb snack you will enjoy!

Through listening, having concern for our customerís needs, and a little ingenuity, we can proudly say our beef jerky is the best on the market to date.

This 40 year old recipe has an old fashioned hickory smoked flavor, which has been perfected over the years. All of our jerky is fresh, tender, and addictive.

Beef Jerky has always been a low carb healthy snack with lots of protein. It is perfect for hiking, long drives, long stays in hunting stands, or even as part of a survival kit.

So if you havenít had the pleasure of eating fresh jerky yet, you need to try it and gain a healthy addiction.

A+ Jerky Shop guarantees to make our old west secret your beef jerky favorite!

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